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Volunteers Wanted

November 09, 2014-International Association for Sight Impaired Artists seeks a volunteer grant writer to apply for various art related grants including educational grants. Please email us at [email protected]

It is estimated there are some 80,000 blind and visually impaired individuals ling in the Mid-South alone and according to the World Health Organization, there are some 280 million individuals who are blind or visually impaired worldwide.

At IASIA-Global, we feel there are many unique and relented people in this group and we are dedicated to find them nourish them into great artists who will find independence, pride and have a sense of appreciation within themselves. we want to help them find the hidden treasures they have yet to share with the rest of the world.

IASIA-Global is expanding with chapters and divisions to be opened worldwide and seek volunteers to help us reach our goal in finding those who are creative and yet have no way of sharing that talent. If you feel you can volunteer to be on a board or help conduct a fund raiser, we would like to hear form you at 1-901-270-0723.